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Drop-In Visits

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Drop-In Visits

A "Drop-In" visit allows us to provide just the right amount of attention to your pets while they are being fed, drinking fresh water, enjoying their playtime, or walking outside. We will feed, medicate, check your pets' overall health, and of course send tons of pictures and/or videos every 4 hours. We will also bring in any mail or packages and take out the trash/recycling as needed.

Service Description:

• Pets are fed
• Taken out for potty breaks
• Pets are watched, played with, walked (whatever the client specifies that the fur-babies need)
• Fresh water is given
• Mail gathered
• Trash cans set out/brought in
• Yard-waste picked up (dogs)/clean litter box (cats)
• Picture and/or updates about every 4 hours via text to client
• Clean any dishes we use
• Vacuum/sweep

House Sitting

Sometimes YOU JUST NEED A BREAK with your fur baby. We get it! One highlight of this career is that we develop solid relationships with our clients that TRUST US WHOLEHEARTEDLY and become great friends.

While you are gone, we will:

• Check your mail
• Bring in deliveries
• Water plants
• Fill your bird feeders
• Pull out trash and put cans back in
• Tidy up
• Anything else to ease your mind
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