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Overnight Love

Charlotte's Animal Care offers overnight stays at your home in order to maintain your fur-babies routine and keep them the most comfortable in their own home. Our overnight pet sitting services also help to assure the safety of your home while you are away. It is so important to us that you do not worry about things and you have the peace of mind you always wanted and longed for in a pet sitter.

Service Description: This service is customized to the client’s needs. We:

• Arrive on-time and do not leave the premises during the time contracted unless special arrangements have been made with the client.
• Sleep where the client specifies. If the client's fur-kid is used to sleeping in the bed, we will enjoy the warm cuddles.
• Ask the client to leave instructions on how to use the TV remote, wifi login, key codes, emergency contacts, cleaning supplies, etc
• Will leave your home clean and clean up any toys
• Send picture and updates every 4 hours.
• Gather your mail/packages for you and place them where you request.
• Set your cans out on trash-day and pull them back in at your request.
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